The Bilgicer Group focuses on both understanding the basic dynamic principles of multivalent biomolecular interactions, as well as design of multivalent therapeutic and diagnostic molecules which will deliver novel solutions to complex diseases (e.g. cancer, autoimmune diseases, and allergies.)

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Novel allergen inhibitor successfully prevents peanut reaction in mice

As Ba┼čar Bilgiçer co-author of the study explained, the reality is that “in the case of peanut allergy, there is no pathogen, just peanut proteins.”

Peanut allergy drug staves off anaphylaxis for 2 weeks with a single dose

“These new findings suggest that cHBI has the potential to be an effective preventative for peanut-specific allergic responses in patients,” said co-senior author Basar Bilgicer, Ph.D.

Severe peanut allergy breakthrough by Indiana University and Notre Dame researchers

Professor Basar Bilgicer and his students have been hard at work on this project. It's one he's been invested in since 2008 and it's not a program that could've been rushed.

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